I feel the rewarding effects of parenting.


Parenting is a blessing for innumerable reasons. Watching my children grow up to be happy, secure, and responsible adults is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. I press on during difficult times, knowing that my perseverance is producing people who are changing the world.


At times, I feel exhausted after serving my family. But even if my children are too young to express gratitude, I know I am appreciated. Each hug and kiss I receive from my children communicates love and thankfulness for who I am.


I allow each embrace to mean something deep to me. Even when I feel frustrated, I take time to enjoy my children’s affection because it is a source of inner peace. Regardless of the financial and emotional challenges, the love of my children makes every sacrifice worthwhile.


To feel the rewarding effects of parenting, I rid my thoughts and speech of complaints. Sure, things may not always be perfect. But there is always something uplifting that is worth focusing on.


By centering my attention on the positive, I feel happy and project happiness to my children. I zoom in on the important things and brush aside mundane nuisances.


Today, I choose to laugh rather than complain, because life is too short to focus on the negative. I take time to enjoy the sparkle of joy in the eyes of my children and listen to the dreams growing in their hearts.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What am I most proud of about my children?
  2. What do I love about being a parent?
  3. Why should I take the time to hug and be affectionate with my children?